Saturday, September 27, 2014

Real Parents

End of Summer 2014, just before the Solstice

Dear Sister Helen Joseph,

You knew those were my real parents, didn’t you? There was no twin for me. As much as I wanted Ellen and the Real Parents to come claim me after all, it wasn’t going to happen and you knew.

So, when Mommy died. That was real. My real mother, really died. Barbara and Josephine had options, not that they played out, but I wanted that, too.

No, I did not go in search. I didn’t think Ellen would be at Bates. My twin wouldn’t have had to pick a college near home. Anyway, where was her home? How would I know?

Yes, I always figured, ok, always hoped there was another one of me out there named Ellen. She got the more modern name and The Real Parents kept her. Even boys liked her .She had matching outfits and a pretty bedroom and her parents, The Real Parents, both worried about and encouraged her.  I hoped they'd come get me, but they didn’t.

No, when I struck out on my own it was to find myself, not them.

Love, Honey

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