Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Stonecoast MFA

Dear Sister Helen Joseph,

Of course I was kidding when I said I would have to rob a bank. I'm not kidding when I say I'll have to use smoke and mirrors. It's an expression, although I have no smoke.

The deadline was September 1 to have my application complete and I got the call on September 10. When I saw someone was calling from Portland, I thought it was my doctor's office or someone from the collective he belongs to. I joked to myself that it might be Stonecoast, but I thought it was too soon for them. I was giving them until at least the end of the month. When I heard the woman call me Helen, then I was pretty sure it was Martin's Point Healthcare, but she said Stonecoast. Yeah, in. Accepted, me.

If I had the money to pay cash for this, I would be all set. Now I have to figure something out. That's where the smoke and mirrors come in. You are welcome to contribute.

Do you know the only suggestion that I might be too old for this came from you? Only you.

Love, Honey

1 comment:

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