Friday, November 7, 2014

Freedom Girl

November 2014
Dear Sr. Helen Joseph,

Did you give them this information? Did you tell the college that I never had a mother, ever? Did you let them believe I was my brother's daughter? Really? Why didn't I see this until this year? Must we always have reality be your reality your way?

Love, Honey

Dear Sister Helen Joseph,

Yes, that is what I mean. My brother is Daniel O'Leary, Jr. My father was Sr. and there was a mother. My mother, remember. And no, my daughter Brigid is not named after you. You are not named Brigid.

Love, Honey


Nancy Tancredi said...

I love it - I hope you continue your conversation/letters with Sister Helen Joseph.

Ellie O'Leary said...

Thanks,I have some more in the pipeline.

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