Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm back!!

I'm home from the Women's Writing Retreat and sure enough I'm making some changes. I have decided to leave a web site where I had been posting my work and reviewing others. I felt that I spent too much time talking about writing rather than writing. I am cutting back to two writing projects now - my memoir "Up Home Again" and my Writing Thru It project that includes my workshops and this blog. It feels good to be more focused.

It also means that, for now anyway, I have to set aside my novel "Red Right Returning" and a workshop on "Transforming Your Personal Myth" that I was planning to do with my friend Cheryl Fuller, a Jungian analyst. When I look at all that I was planning I realize now why I was getting so little done. Too much planning - too little writing.

I taught Writing Thru It again in the Adirondacks this month. What a blessing. I don't usually say stuff like that, but it was a wonderful experience.

For now, I will be blogging more often and writing, writing, writing.


Anonymous said...

LOL! But planning is so much more FUN than writing! (That's the part professional writers leave out all too often when they give advice to new writers... no one thinks the writing part is fun. It's only the planning and the having-written-something-good parts that are a joy. The writing itself is work, and like any work, hard!

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