Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Writing, Writing Everywhere

It looks like I have been writing so much I've neglected my own blog, but I am getting all caught up now. I have worked out another chapter of Up Home Again, not polished, but worked out. I have been writing, writing everywhere but here.

After lots of thought on the topic, I have decided my next Senior College class will be on the personal essay. It has not been approved yet, but I am not seeing that as a problem.

My topics here in the coming weeks will be the epistolary novel, journal or diary - call it what you want, and the joy of the personal essay.


Dody Jane said...

Ellie - I have the same problem with my blog, I can't write everywhere, on everything, so I neglect my blog. I think about blog topics and then I get home and take care of my mom (who lives with me) and dinner and I end up doing nothing except fiddling and falling asleep. Nice name for your blog.


Ellie O'Leary said...

What is your blog address, Dody?

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