Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Getting Back to Blogging

It's been awhile, yes, a year since I have blogged. That's the thing about doing a degree. You end up working on the degree itself until you finish (which I will this month). It's been a major endeavor and has certainly re-lit the travel bug in me.

Before the degree, I had traveled to writing programs in rural Maine (from not quite as rural Maine), to the Adirondacks (every July for many a July), and internationally to Campobello Island (right across the bridge from down east Maine).

During the degree I made a trip to Ireland for one of my MFA residencies and two trips to Nova Scotia for my studies of the poet Elizabeth Bishop. I'm celebrating my graduation with a trip to Ireland for The Cork Poetry Festival next month. I'll also go to the Adirondacks again and possibly back to Campobello or even to Iceland. Though, I'm not sure about those last two for this year.

There are many opportunities for a writer to travel to meet like minded people and here is a list of them, nicely gathered by Aerogramme Writers' Studio. I'm planning to apply to at least a few.

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