Sunday, February 6, 2011

How many deer?

When I take a break from working online, or just checking out Facebook, I look out over the saltmarsh. First I think there are two dogs on the other side the tree line, the other side of the rail trail. Then there are two more, and again two more, and by the time I see them all, there are about ten deer walking in full view. I am having a Mary Oliver moment or would be if I made good on it.

This causes me to think how many deer would it take for me to get going again with my writing. Mary Oliver only needs one. One deer, one grasshopper. This one, right here, in her hand. One deer, by the house in the woods.

How many deer would it take for me to get back to my writing? Looks like about ten, and I'm back at it.

1 comment:

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