Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Student's Poem

Because this can't be all about me, with her permission, I am sharing a poem that Deb Huff (friend, neighbor and now student) wrote. It does not strictly follow the rules of the sestina, but that is the instructors fault for not being strict enough. I didn't completely explain the order of the repeated words. Still, this truly expresses the emotions that were within Deb when she wrote it.

Rose – a sestina
By Deborah Huff

There was a time
As a child in my house
When life itself was very different
The stars were there to accept my wish
And I would wave my hand to a passing neighbor
With slim chance of any change

Then came a time
When Rose became my neighbor
Her New Jersey accent sounded different.
I was always welcome at her house
She said, “Visit whenever you wish”
Her friendship brought goodness and change

With more passage of time
I was no longer the neighbor
The pursuit of a marriage wish
Took me on a journey to a place which was different
I was the one who made the change
Far from her familiar home

Years later brought another time
Of anticipated birth and diapers to change
My son and I honored by my neighbor
With a baby shower at her house
My life would become very different
As a mother, my greatest wish

The passing of years, flying of time
Two sons later, and in a new house
Once again near Rose, my neighbor.
Raising children made life busy and different
Wanting to fulfill their every wish
Walking through all the seasons of change

A final visit to my neighbor
I sensed the frailness of her house
For her to see me again was a final wish.
Suddenly, it was the end of her time
Her passing would leave an ache, so different
Such sorrow, brings this kind of change.

Goodbye, Rose, my friend and neighbor
Eternal rest for you I wish
I’ll see you again someday, when it is my time.

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