Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Letting It Flow

How do you get the juices going? In class we discussed this. Some people have to have absolute quiet, uninterrupted time. That's not always easy to come by, though. I like to clear my desk, it's just a metaphor, my desk is never clear. I just like to know that I have taken care of the humdrum things so that I won't have a voice in my head saying "You really should be doing . . ."

As a real estate consultant who works from a home office where I also write, I have to be sure to seperate the two. Fortunately, I come from a culture that includes making the sign of the cross. No, I do not bless myself before writing, but I have the distinct feeling of now I am in prayer and now I am out of prayer. For writing I use Tibetan chimes, the little gongs connected with a leather strap. "Chime" now I am writing and "chime" now I am done writing. I do not check emails, the news or other distractions between chimes.

I have a writer friend who wears one of her husband's old shirts in her writing time. This sounded good to me, but since I don't have a husband I went to the Goodwill to buy an old shirt. I came out of there with a shirt I didn't really like, but did get a table and chairs I still have a few years later. The shirt I eventually donated back to Goodwill.

What rituals do you have?


Sarah Scotti-Einstein said...

I have a "writing chair," the one Mot left when he took off. I don't sit in it, although I had intended to. Instead, it sits facing me while I write. For reasons unknown to me, it helps me particularly to look at it when I'm trying to recreate dialogue.

Ellie O'Leary said...

I like this. It's also new to me. No one else has come up with something like that. Thanks.

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